Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros (2023 edition)

Microsoft 365 Security for IT Professionals
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The Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros e-book is the definitive guide to understanding and implementing Microsoft's security solutions. This is the third release of the book, and it continues to be the only resource of its kind, covering Microsoft security solutions in-depth, with regular updates and high praise from readers and industry experts.

Whether you're new to Office 365 and want to learn more about Microsoft's security offerings or have a background in security and want to explore Microsoft's capabilities, this book is for you. It provides a wealth of information on various products and services, while also taking into account the larger security landscape beyond Microsoft.

Last update: October, 2023

The current version of this edition ships with about 800 pages of practical information about Microsoft 365 and its various aspects. The book not only explains what Microsoft's security solutions are, but also provides practical guidance detailing how to configure and operate the different products and features along with real-world examples from the authors' vast experience working with customers across the globe. We have purposefully kept the page count around its current size so that it still remains digestible.

Because the book's contents are updated on a monthly basis, you will keep having up-to-date information, even as Microsoft's products change, or as they change names. Again. As you can imagine, this can be a huge time saver. We keep working hard to keep content fresh, so you don't have to.

When you purchase this book, you get the monthly updates until the next version is released. This will usually be after a year. Even after updates to this edition of the book stop, the information within remains valuable long after you first read it. Consider everything that is covered, that doesn't seem like a bad deal at all.

You can always download the latest files from your Gumroad account or by clicking the link in the receipt issued after you bought the book.

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Nearing 820 pages, Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros contains in-depth information on various products, features, and topics related to Microsoft 365, Microsoft Sentinel and security in general.

The chapters are: 

  1. Introduction. An introduction to security principles and Microsoft as a security vendor.
  2. Identity & Access Management. A closer look into Microsoft Entra and all of its aspects.
  3. Microsoft Defender for Identity. How to extend cloud security into your on-premises Active Directory.
  4. Securing Endpoints. Information on the need for more security for endpoints and how to achieve that using Microsoft Intune.
  5. Securing Mail Flow. Basic email security, message authentication and how to secure Exchange Online and leverage Exchange Online Protection.
  6. Microsoft Defender for Office 365. How to leverage Microsoft Defender for Office 365's capabilities to enhance security in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams and OneDrive for Business.
  7. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Endpoint Protection with Microsoft. Everything you wanted to know and more.
  8. Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management. Diving deeper into one of Microsoft's 'newest' products.
  9. Microsoft Information Protection. Everything you wanted to know about labeling in Office 365, using the AIP Scanner, Data Loss Prevention and Sensitive Information Types.
  10. Protecting information with Endpoint DLP. Extending data protection to your devices.
  11. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps. Everything about Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and why it's so important in an end-to-end approach.
  12. Microsoft 365 Defender. The glue that stitches everything together.
  13. Microsoft Sentinel. Perhaps not part of Microsoft 365, but a huge added value to your security operations. We just couldn't resist!
  14. Securing Network Access with Global Secure Access. A chapter dedicated to Microsoft's newest security offering: a S(A)SE solution.!
  15. Real-World Examples. A chapter dedicated to real-life examples and scenarios.
  16. Sponsor chapter by Quest - A story of the Microsoft 365 kill chain and attack paths.

The sponsored chapter by Quest focuses on the challenges of attack paths within an environment and how you, as a defender, can gain insights to better protection your environment!

Despite the vast amount of information in the book, we have kept it practical so that you can immediately turn contents of this book into real-world value and improve the security posture of your environment.


Note: This is a subscription service. When you buy this book, you receive a subscription covering the current version of the book plus all updates we issue until the current edition is superseded by the next one. This is usually after a year or so. We anticipate that this will happen mid-2024. At that time, we will make upgrades to the new edition available to current subscribers at a reduced rate.

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Microsoft 365 Security for IT Professionals is a book with practical, in-depth information about Microsoft's security solutions. The book is provided in PDF and EPUB format and updated on a monthly basis.

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Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros (2023 edition)

37 ratings
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