Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros (2021 Edition)

Microsoft 365 Security for IT Professionals
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Latest update: June, 2021. Subscribers can download monthly updates for this e-book.

This is the first-ever release of Microsoft 365 Security for IT Professionals; a book covering all Microsoft 365 related security solutions. Whether you have a background in Office 365 and want to learn more about Microsoft's security offerings or are coming from the security side of things and want to explore more what Microsoft has to offer, this book is for you!

The book not only explains what Microsoft's security solutions are, but also provides practical guidance on how to configure, operate and sometimes even troubleshoot the most common scenarios.

Because the book contents are updated on a monthly basis, you will keep having up-to-date information, even as Microsoft's products change. As you can imagine: this can be a huge time saver. This is our commitment: we keep working hard to keep content fresh, so you don't have to.

Until the next edition is published, your subscription allows you to download updated content to keep pace with developments by Microsoft, which means that Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros continues to be a valuable reference for you long after you first read it.

You can always download the latest files from your Gumroad account or by clicking the link in the receipt issued after you bought the book. 

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Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros contains chapters with in-depth information on various topics, including:

1. Introduction. An introduction to security principles and Microsoft as a security vendor.

2. Securing Identities. How Azure Active Directory and its many features can help you further secure your identities.

3. Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune). Device Management, delivered through the cloud. The foundation for many other features and your zero-trust approach.

4. Securing Email. Basic email security, message authentication and how to secure Exchange Online and leverage Exchange Online Protection.

5. Microsoft Defender for Office 365. How to leverage Microsoft Defender for Office 365's capabilities to enhance security in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams and OneDrive for Business.

6. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Endpoint Protection with Microsoft. Everything you wanted to know and more.

7. Cloud App Security. Everything about Cloud App Security and why it's so important in an end-to-end approach.

8. Microsoft 365 Defender. The glue that stitches everything together. 

9. Microsoft Information Protection. Everything you wanted to know about labeling in Office 365.

Coming soon

Although there's already a lot that we cover, this is just the first ever release of this book. With it, we realize there is still more we can and should cover. In the coming months, and included with this edition of the book, we will be expanding our content by updating and adding content, including about solutions like Azure Sentinel, Windows Information Protection, and more! Subscribers will be notified when new content is added, and can download a new version of the book for free.


Note: This is a subscription service. When you buy this book, you receive a subscription covering the current version of the book plus all updates we issue until the 2021 edition is superseded by the 2022 edition. We anticipate that this will happen in August 2021. At that time, we will make upgrades to the 2022 edition available to current subscribers at a reduced rate.

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Microsoft 365 Security for IT Professionals is a book with practical, in-depth information about Microsoft's security solutions. The book is provided in PDF and EPUB format and updated on a monthly basis.

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Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros (2021 Edition)

55 ratings